How to track USA phone number exact location ?


Many a times we are not able to identify the caller and need to find the location of the phone number. Phone numbers can be of two types - fixed phone number or mobile number. The process to find the location depends on the type on number. We shall discuss the process for both types of numbers in this help article.

For fixed phone numbers the easiest way to find the location and caller information is to note down the number and segregate the first three digits of the number. These first three digits form the area code. Entire US and Canada is divided into different regions with unique area codes geographically. Using a telephone directory book or many of the area code directories online one can find the exact location of the phone number. The fixed phone numbers being fixed can not me moved, unlike mobile phones. Once you are aware of the geographic location of the number and find itís location on map, you can use the business directory of that city or town to find the exact location and complete address of the phone number. In case itís a private number you can request the telephony service provider for more details from the local area customer service of the telephony service provider company.

In case of finding location of mobile number one can use GPS and in built mobile tracking applications which can pin point the exact location of the specific mobile, in real time, at times. For this to work you must have access to the mobile phone to first enable this tracking feature. In case you donít have access to mobile and still want to know about its location the best way would be to find out the location from the area code in the mobile number, as we did before for fixed phone numbers, and from that request the local mobile service provider customer service for more details. In case of emergency and urgency one can also approach the police find out the location of mobile number in real time.

Often the location data found from the area code helps one ring the bell and identify the caller from location, maybe some old friend or distant relative you may have in that specific town or city.


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