Privacy invasion and unwanted calls


Malicious messages, spamming, annoying phone calls from unidentified phone numbers, prank calls, death threats and texts of portending security concerns: These are some of the most recent and rampant problems met as the expansion and growth of modern technology stormed the world in the last few years UNTIL today.

With the current technology humanity has developed and cultivated, we are now able to track unidentified numbers from mobile phones/ smart phones to IP addresses all around the globe. May your phone be any make -Nokia, Samsung, Apple, HTC, LG, Blackberry or provider, phone tracking services are now available for you. It is the same technology used to deteriorate the sense of security in every individual that is reverberated to solve the problem brought. People are threatened digitally and bullying is done on social media with anon users. Most of the victims of the mentioned issues donít have a clue who to blame, much more a resolve to that problem but with the help of genuine Information Technology specialists and experts, programmed software, and personal computer, phone and IP address tracking is available to everyone.

Other people tend to ask if such way is possible and if it is legal. It is legal provided that the current suggestion gives no other option. In dire situations like if youíre threatened or you have your phone stolen, then you have all the right to investigate and track down the smart phone or the IP address. That is why there are ways on how to track down the device. It could be either with the permission of the owner or without notifying the device. In such ways, the phone tracking services can be applied to your individual reason and intent of tracing it. And YES. Phone tracing is not anymore a super-high tech feature that could only be seen on Sci-Fi movies and films with holograms and beaming lasers. Though the holograms are not that public yet and beaming lasers are still used in plastic surgeries and not on intergalactic warships, phone tracing is now available credits to the discovery of the Global Positioning System otherwise known as GPS. With satellites roaming in the Earthís exosphere, there is no place on Earth that GPS tracker canít reach.


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