Mobile and fixed phone numbering system and plans in North America


Mobile and fixed phone numbering system in North America follow the NANP system. NANP stands for the North America Numbering Plan. NANP lays down the rules and framework which are excercised through out the north American continent to have an uniform and consistent numbing system to avoid chaos and confusion. Under NANP each country is awarded an international country code followed by the area code for a particular geographic region in the country. Total number of digits including the area code and the unique subscriber phone number normally never exceed ten digits in total.

With the North America Numbering Plan (NANP), countries under North America can be efficiently traced too. Though not all countries under North America agreed to adopt and to be governed with the NANP, as said earlier, there are other ways to locate position of the device including state, town, street, and even house number. It is a consolation that many states in North America concede to the idea that phone tracking is highly effective in economic and security purposes. Phone tracking services are available to New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, Detroit, and Philadelphia.

Anonymity is not a bad thing to use especially when it is intended for good purposes. It only becomes a villainous feature when used to compromise individual security. Through services like phone tracking and IP address tracing, assurance for the advocacy of less abuses of technology raises ten folds. Thus, such technology available to everyone is beneficial. So if you have a prank call, the culprit won’t be under your nose but under arrest.


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